Celebrate Independents Day

It is a marvelous privilege to have freedom, and it is incredibly exciting to operate an independent business. Because of the degree of risk and uncertainty involved, it is very rewarding to have people walk through our doors and come back.

Along with the birth of our country, we are celebrating the birth of our new American Pale Ale on July 4th. American Point Pale Ale is named after the juncture of the Boundary Waters and Canada’s Quetico Park, at which point only non-motorized watercraft like canoes and kayaks are permitted, and people must rely on their own power for a greater reward. Just as American Point signifies the border between two countries and two kinds of travel, American Pale Ale is considered the first beer to cross borders and begin the craft beer movement. Head brewer Jason Baumgarth says:

American Pale Ale is a hop driven beer, but not as bitter or intense as an IPA. We used Cascade and Ahtanum in the beer, which are both traditional American Pale Ale hops. The hops we used are generally described as floral, piney, and peppery with notes of citrus. We built the beer around a light-bodied malt bill consisting of Pale Ale Malt, Special Roast Malt and Flaked Corn and then used the Chico Ale yeast to make the beer fairly dry.

We look forward to your reaction to this new summer beer.

We are hosting a wonderful array of independent musicians over the 4th of July weekend. LaFond and Grillo will bring their unique folk and country stylings to the taprooom on Friday night, and Ben Johnson and the Road Beers will share their exciting country rock with us on Saturday. Soulful solo blues, folk and rock artist Pete Kavanaugh will perform on Sunday, and elegant, socially conscious folk musician Jim McGowan will join us on Monday the 4th.

On the 4th of July we will be staying open later than usual in honor of the fireworks, which will begin right after dark. We’ll do our best to save you a spot on our rooftop deck.

You can celebrate you own independent artistic spirit at our painting class in the brewery on July 9th from 1:30 to 3:30. The cost is $35 to paint your choice of two different northern scenes, and includes a free beer. You may register on this website. The class is part of the Grand Marais Art Festival on July 9th and 10th.

Have a terrific celebration this weekend! We hope to see you.


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