Sneak Peek of the Voyageur Brewery in Grand Marais, Minnesota

Craft Beer Brewing in Grand Marais, Minnesota

There’s a buzz around Grand Marais, Minnesota and it isn’t the sound of mosquitoes. It’s the sound of people chatting about the wholesale nba jerseys new brewery coming to the town. Almost as soon as a Mike and Paul wholesale mlb jerseys had wholesale jerseys the “Future Home of Voyageur Brewing Company” to sign hung last Thursday people were asking about it and commenting on it.

Everyone is super excited and the main question we hear is, “When will it be open?”  That’s a great Insurance question and we are moving cheap nba jerseys full steam ahead on everything we can.  That being said there are so many different aspects of the project to work on and it is all going to take time.

We’ve CAPACITY been looking at logo designs, ordering equipment and working with an architect who is Voyageur drawing up plans for the addition.  Here’s a sneak peek at what the build out for the tap room could look like. The next buzzing sound you’ll hear at the brewery will be the sound chu?n of workers renovating and building the Voyageur Brewery.