Spring in Minnesota: Beer and Waterfalls

The beer flows like water.

We are in awe of the natural spaces we have in Cook County, Minnesota. As we are finally catching some glimpses of spring melt, we have started our waterfall gazing for the year. All of this flowing water led us back (as most things do) to thinking about beer, and we began to wonder which of our craft beers would be most similar to each one. While seemingly unrelated, we had a feeling that it wasn’t that much of a stretch. Hope to see you in our taproom this spring for some post-hike refreshment!

Boundary Waters Brunette pairs with… Cascade Falls, Cascade River. Both the beer and the waterfalls are tried and true Cook County favorites! Accessing the Cascade Falls is simple with parking at a turnoff on Highway 61 and a well-marked trail. The easy-going beer is perfect any day of the year, with any activity. As you hiking along multiple waterfalls you are reminded of the multiple layers of the beer: hints of malt and earthy-ness (it’s brewed with wild rice). A quick glance at the falls’ parking area and you’ll realize the popularity of the falls, just like the brew.

Devil’s Kettle IPA pairs with…Devil’s Kettle Falls, Brule River. This one was obvious, because our beer is already named after one of the most mysterious and written about falls on the North Shore. The roaring intensity of the Devil’s Kettle waterfalls pairs perfectly with our highest ABV flagship, which packs its own punch. Just as the giant pothole mysteriously swallows the water from the Brule River, you’ll be wondering how your Devil’s Kettle disappeared so quickly.

Palisade Porter pairs with…Poplar Falls, Poplar River. To access these falls, hike inland to roaring falls, cascades and canyons. You’ll find multiple waterfalls and rapids that are easily accessible from multiple locations. The stunning beauty of this area is evident in all seasons, just like the drinkability of the Palisade Porter.

Trailbreaker Belgian Wit pairs with… Partridge Falls, Pigeon River. Though to hike to see the falls is easy, these falls are not visited frequently because of their location. They are thus only for the true trailbreakers! As we have found with with work and ingredients required to create the Trailbreaker Belgian Wit, with great effort comes great reward. You won’t be disappointed.

Lost Compass Imperial Stout pairs with… High Falls, Pigeon River. Both this beer and waterfall are for people who like things larger than life. Coming in at a 9.2% ABV, the Lost Compass has notes of toffee, chocolate, and date. High Falls on the Pigeon River is the tallest waterfall in the state and our Lost Compass is the biggest beer we have on tap.

Sled Hound Session IPA pairs with…Temperance Falls, Temperance River. This river got its name because, unlike other North Shore streams, the river had no bar at its mouth. At one time, the waters of the river flowed so deeply and strongly that it washed out the usual debris. The beer and the river have both sections of intensity and calm; they are complex and not easy to pin down.

Brule River Blonde pairs with…Caribou Falls, Caribou River. Both the beer and the falls are straightforward, yet beautiful. The short, gradual climb along the river will bring you to the spur trail of the Superior Hiking Trail to the base of the waterfall. Both views have an essence of timelessness; you could hang out there with this beer for hours and it would never get old.

For more information about the waterfalls, check out Visit Cook County’s Waterfall Map Guide. Cheers!

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