Craft Beer by Voyageur

Tree Topping at Voyageur Brewing Company

It isn’t Christmas yet but that didn’t stop us from placing a tree on top of the Voyageur Brewery in Grand Marais last week.  This was done according to a Scandinavian Tradition known as “topping-out.” In the past it was a religious rite to place a tree or branch on the highest part of the building to appease tree dwelling spirits displaced due to the construction of the  building.

In following tradition anyone who had been a part of the construction or brewery process to date was invited to the brewery to partake in the event.  Often the owners of the building provided beer and a meal to the construction workers once the roof was in place.  We provided some delicious snacks and Minnesota Craft Beers to our guests and raised our beers for a toast to their hard work and assistance.

We also had those in attendance sign their names on a board that will be placed in the building.  All of these traditions were followed with hopes of growth and good luck just like the Topping-out tradition ensures. And of course, any reason to get together and drink craft beer before 5pm on a Friday is a good enough reason to celebrate in its own right.


Topping-out Tradition
Topping out at brewery in Grand Marais, Minnesota

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