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Voyageur Brewing Company at the Minnesota State Fair

If you didn’t have a reason to visit the Minnesota State Fair before then you surely do now. Voyageur Brewing Company beer is being poured in the “Land of 10,0000 Beers.”

Breweries & Brewpubs Get Together at Land of 10,000 Beers Exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild is proud to present the “Land of 10,000 Beers” Craft Beer Hall exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair,  August 27 – September 7. The exhibit, now in its fourth year, features nearly 200 beers from nearly 60 breweries and brewpubs. This is the first time brewpubs are allowed to pour at the Fair, thanks to a new Minnesota law passed in the 2015 legislative session.

Housed in the Agriculture/Horticulture building, the “Land of 10,000 Beers” showcases the best of Minnesota’s craft beer industry and details the brewing process all the way from the farm to the pint glass. The Craft Beer Hall tells the history of beer culture in Minnesota and highlights the state’s brew-cation destinations. In addition to the great craft beer, there’s a root beer section for kids and daily beer education presentations.

Visitors to the exhibit can select among six different flights of beers — “Belgian/Sweeter,” “Lighter,” “Darker,” “Hoppier,” “Minnesota Mix,” as well as a new “Brewpub” flight, which will feature beers from the 10 participating brewpubs. Each flight consists of four, 5-ounce samples for $10, which can be purchased with cash or card.

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You can also purchase a beer flight in advance online at

Come see what’s pouring at the “Land of 10,000 Beers” Craft Beer Hall to celebrate the craft beer movement and support Minnesota’s craft breweries and brewpubs!

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