Voyageur Brewing Pairs with Rohlfing of Duluth

Voyageur Brewing Company is pleased to announce that it is pairing with Rohlfing of Duluth to distribute its brand-new, Lake Superior-made beer. Rohlfing is a fourth-generation family business that began in 1951 promoting Schlitz products and has grown to offer numerous beers to bars and restaurants in the entire Arrowhead region. Their team has been critical to the rollout of many breweries and is vital to the craft beverage industry on the North Shore. Owner Cara Sporn says, “With Rohlfing’s experience and local credibility, we could not imagine a better fit for our homegrown, Grand Marais beer.”

Voyageur Brewing Company commands a stunning view of Lake Superior in downtown Grand Marais, a special place just voted Coolest Small Town in Budget Magazine. The opening of a production brewery is one thing that is certain to add to its allure.

Voyageur Beer is currently available at almost a dozen locations in Grand Marais with plans to expand this summer. Owner Mike Proms says, “We know that Rohlfing will work hard to give people the opportunity to taste our beer at restaurants in Duluth and along the north shore, and we’re truly excited to make our beer available for people to enjoy.”

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