Grand Marais, MN Brewery

Voyageur Releases Lakeview Farmhouse Ale

Our brewers have been busy and they have created a Farmhouse Ale for all to enjoy this summer season.  According to our brewer Jason Baumgarth, “Traditionally, Saisons or Farmhouse Ales were brewed by farmers in the Wallonia and Flanders regions of Belgium to quench the thirsts of seasonal farmhands or saissoniers.  Although often quite different from farm to farm, these beers were light in color and body, refreshing with a bit of tartness, and sturdy enough to not spoil during storage.”

We don’t have to worry about our beer spoiling during storage and we don’t have many farms around either. That’s probably why it didn’t take long to agree upon the name, “Lakeview Farmhouse Ale.”  Lakeview Dairy is located off of the Gunflint Trail just over the hill from Grand Marais. They sell their farm products to the public and they visit Voyageur Brewing Company frequently. They pick up our spent grain on brewing days and use it to feed their farm animals with the exception of their milking cows. It seemed like the perfect name for our seasonal ale.

We invite you to join us on Thursday, June 4th when we’ll release Lakeview Farmhouse Ale. You’ll be one of the first to try it and you’ll have the opportunity to win a growler of it to bring home.

Jason describes the beer as, “Golden colored and a bit hazy, our Lakeview Farmhouse ale combines a mild bite from Triskel hops with a light malt bill to provide depth and background to the yeast which defines the beer.  The distinctive yeast we selected provides a subtle lemony tartness to the flavor and adds fruit and floral notes to the aroma.”

It’s a wonderful addition to our line up of excellent tasting beers and we know you’re going to love it as much as we do. You can purchase a pint on Thursday night for only $3.00 or sample it in our flight of beers. We’re excited to offer our craft beer enthusiasts our Lakeview Farmhouse Ale.


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