Craft beer in Grand Marais, MN

Wood is the Word at the Voyageur Brewery

Grand Marais brewery reclaiming wood
Reusing barn wood in the new brewery
Reusing old barn wood for brewery
Reduce, REUSE, recycle at the Grand Marais brewery
Being Green in Grand Marais
Grand Marais Craft Beer in Minnesota

One of our goals in building the brewery in Grand Marais was to buy or use local whenever possible. We feel we have done an excellent job at that by using local carpenters, plumbers, electricians and tradespeople on the brewery. Another way we have contributed to reaching that goal is through our wood.

We recently took apart a barn at a farm up near Hovland, Minnesota. The wood in this barn was cut and milled right here on the North Shore by Otis Anderson many years ago. This wood will be used to decorate some of the walls inside the taproom.

The countertops and bar tops will be made using live edge white pine from Northern Minnesota. Hedstrom’s Mill in Grand Marais, Minnesota cut the wood specifically for our brewery project.

We’re also getting some reclaimed wood from a place in Duluth, Minnesota. We’re using Douglas Fir that is over 100 years old for tables.

It’s great to be able to reuse wood, be green and incorporate parts of our area history into our building.  We’re hoping to add more pieces of our area history to our brewery as we continue our building process.