We are excited to be able to have both indoor and outdoor seating available by reservation only at Voyageur Brewing Company in Grand Marais. We are serving food inside the taproom and on our ground level patio. We’re serving craft beer only on the rooftop deck. We’re taking reservations betweenContinue Reading

We’re living in an uncertain period of time where many questions arise but not many are answered. One thing is certain and that is our love and appreciation for our Voyageur Brewing Company friends, family, guests, visitors and supporters. We care about all of you and want you to beContinue Reading

We’re still enjoying winter in Cook County Minnesota. Folks are cross-country skiing on the perfectly groomed trails, snowmobilers are zooming through the woods, ice anglers are catching fish and Lutsen downhill ski resort is still in full swing. It will be awhile before spring visits us here, but that’s ok,Continue Reading

Hygge Mukluk ball

Winter is in full swing at Voyageur Brewing Company and we couldn’t be happier. We have awesome snow depth for all of the outdoor adventures we love including snowshoeing, skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling and more. And when we’re ready to relax after our outside winter fun we know we canContinue Reading

We’re the hub for holiday celebrations in Grand Marais, Minnesota. Find all the cheer necessary for any party large or small in our taproom. Our artists in the taproom events are the place to find unique and locally made creations for gifts. Folks have enjoyed the live holiday music byContinue Reading

5k 10k

We’re so thankful to those of you who support Voyageur Brewing Company. As an independently owned small business we’re extremely grateful to the patrons of our taproom and to those who drink and sell our beer. We wouldn’t be here without all of you and for that we thank youContinue Reading

pumpkin infused

The nights are crisp and cool but the sunshine warms up the daylight hours. Flurries of snowflakes fall to the ground but haven’t stuck around close to the big lake.  Soon the ground will freeze and a blanket of snow will cover Cook County but until then we’ll make theContinue Reading

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures a little cooler in Grand Marais. We had the first fire in the fireplace at Voyageur Brewing Company’s taproom on Friday. I’m not sure it was needed but it sure does make the taproom feel cozy. Oktoberfest is coming soon, do youContinue Reading

Cans by Voyageur Brewing Company

This summer seems to be sailing by like the Hjørdis in a brisk wind. What is the Hjørdis you ask? The Hjørdis is a 50′ traditionally-rigged steel schooner owned by the famous North House Folk School in Grand Marais that allows visitors to experience our town from a different perspective. Hjørdis isContinue Reading