Consider yourself a trailbreaker? We’ve got a beer for you.

craft beer by VoyageurLike the voyageurs and trappers that first discovered the area, our Craft Beer reflects a spirit of adventure you won’t find anywhere else. From our flagship beers, seasonal offerings, and specialty brews, all are made to be enticing, bold and unwavering.

We brew with a respect for tradition and an eye toward breaking our own trail, because we know anything is possible.  At the end of the day, we make beer we like to drink and toast those who choose to drink with us. Cheers!

Voyageur Brewing Company located in Grand Marais, Minnesota brews a variety of craft beers. We offer Seasonal beers only available in our tap room as well as our Flagship beers.

Our beer is available to go in our taproom in growlers and in crowlers.

What is a growler? Simply put, a growler is a container used to transport draft beer. In the early days beer was transported in a galvanized steel pail with a lid that sometimes rumbled due to carbonation escaping. Since this sounded like growling the term growler was born. We sell 64-ounce glass, stainless steel, ceramic and plastic growlers at Voyageur Brewing Company and will fill personal 64-ounce growlers but we must place a Surgeon General warning sticker and Voyageur Brewing Company sticker on the vessel. Once a growler is opened it should be consumed within a day but it can keep up to a week or longer unopened.  We purge our vessels with Co2 prior to filling to help prolong the life of the beer.

What is a crowler? A CROWLER® (CAN + growler) is an aluminum can that is filled and sealed at Voyageur. Our crowlers are 1 pint and 9 ounces. We purge the oxygen out of the can, fill the can with beer, place a lid on the can and continue to machine seal the lid onto the can. Beer from a crowler is best when consumed within 7-10 days of purchase and once it is opened it should be consumed in it’s entirety for best flavor. As with a growler be sure to keep the crowler cold until consuming.

Voyageur Brewing Flagship Profiles

The path leads you alongside a gorge carved out by the seemingly endless flow of water as it makes its way to Lake Superior. As you hike deeper into the woods beneath the tall pines you begin to lose yourself. Then you hear the sound of falling water, you make your way to the water’s edge and feel the cool mist on your face. And farther up another waterfall, this one spilt in two by rhyolite rock. Half of the water continues its journey to the lake while the other half disappears forever lost. While you sip your Devil’s Kettle IPA you may taste a subtle hint of pine and you might just find yourself wondering where half of it went just like the water that flows into the Devil’s Kettle.

It’s always harder when you’re the first in line. Whether it’s stomping down the snow while out snowshoeing, blazing a hiking trail through dense brush or building a road to an otherwise inaccessible place. We’re grateful for the trailbreakers who have paved the roads and marked the paths to our favorite places in Cook County. And this cheer is for them and to those who are here now breaking their own trails. Our Trailbreaker Belgian Wheat is a refreshing and effervescent beer and is the perfect end to a day of breaking trail or following one of the many left behind for us to enjoy.


Everywhere we look on the North Shore and inland powerful palisades line the shores of the area lakes. Rugged yet beautiful these palisades and the trails that lead to the top provide endless opportunities for scenic vistas. Some are perfect for those who want to get a closer look as they climb and rappel off the face of the cliff. Snowcapped in the winter they provide the ski runs of Lutsen Mountain. Winter or summer our Palisade Porter will quench your thirst with its malty but not sweet, and snappy but not bitter, smooth taste.


A paddle dips into the water, stroke after stroke, you make your way across the wilderness lake. When you reach land you unload pack after pack and then flip the canoe onto your shoulders. Into the forest with a canoe and a pack on your back, your shoulders and legs begin to burn as you step over boulders and duck beneath a fallen tree. You wonder how the Voyageurs did it and then you remember the story of how they made beer out of wild rice to enjoy along the trail. Just when you think you can’t go any farther you see blue, it’s the next lake, your portage is almost over and your campsite is just ahead. The day is over and as you celebrate your accomplishments and enjoy a Boundary Waters Brunette you may taste the flavor of wild rice and find yourself feeling a bit like those Voyageurs did after a long portage.