Craft beer at Voyageur Brewing Company

Goodbye Winter, Hello Muddy Boots

For every beer there is a season. This is the season where the pulse quickens, the tempo of our little town picks up, and every one of us who has endured the long winter is ready to throw off winter clothing and feel the sun. Tough buds appear on branches, creeks and waterfalls flow more swiftly with melted snow, and there is of course, lots of mud. Wipe off your dog again, don’t bother washing your car, be like the kids in this town who put on their muddy boots and revel in it.

We are celebrating the final minutes of 10,000 Minutes of Craft Beer in Grand Marais with the debut of our exciting toasty Maibok Muddy Boots. We’re having a release party at Voyageur Brewing Company this Sunday and if you post a photo of yourself on our Facebook page wearing your muddy boots, we’ll enter your name in a drawing to win a $10 Voyageur Brewing Company gift certificate.

Embrace the mud!

Craft beer in Grand Marais, MN
Muddy Boots by Voyageur Brewing Company

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