Voyageur film screening

Hike into history along three of northern Minnesota’s greatest, oldest trails! In WDSE WRPT’s documentary, “Historic Trails in Northern Minnesota”, we’ll follow the Gunflint Trail, Voyageurs National Forest trails and Mesabi Trail through their fascinating pasts, their multi-faceted modern uses, and explore what lays ahead for these winding paths. We’llContinue Reading

Grab a pint and join us for a free documentary screening in the brewery. This film is sure to resonate with Minnesotans and all who feel connected to winter. “Across the country, people who depend on winter for their livelihood are feeling the heat. On the sidelines of skiing andContinue Reading

Climbing film movie premiere

We are proud to host this collaborative film screening of the climbing film Jeff’s World. Follow three route developers and their friends as they explore, climb and develop a hidden sport climbing destination accessible only by boat and ten miles beyond the Minnesota border in the remote wilderness of Canada.Continue Reading