Grand Marais Hygge Festival

Join us for our third annual Hygge Market at Voyageur Brewing Company! On Friday February 7th and Saturday February 8th from 3-8pm,  Hannah Palma Ceramics and The Big Lake will set up shop in the back of the brewery along with a few other friends and delight you all withContinue Reading

Hygge Mukluk ball

Winter is in full swing at Voyageur Brewing Company and we couldn’t be happier. We have awesome snow depth for all of the outdoor adventures we love including snowshoeing, skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling and more. And when we’re ready to relax after our outside winter fun we know we canContinue Reading

Grand Marais, MN

Pull on your dancing boots and come move to the sounds of Plucked Up String Band during the Annual Mukluk Ball at Voyageur Brewing Company.Continue Reading

craft beer

Hygge = the Danish concept of feeling relaxed and cozy during the winter months. Have you been looking for a reason to pop up to the snow-filled woods of Grand Marais in the winter? Look no further than the second annual community-wide Hygge Festival and Voyageur Brewing Company Anniversary Party.Continue Reading

craft beer

We’re thankful for our long, cold winters in Grand Marais because it gives us another reason to celebrate. In Cook County we embrace hygge just like the Danish people do. Hygge, prononunced  hoo-gah actually comes from a Norwegian word meaning “well-being.”  At Voyageur Brewing Company we strive to create aContinue Reading

Get your Hygge On

They can be any kind of snow boots you want to wear as long as you can dance to the tunes of Plucked Up String Band with them on. Join us for the Mukluk Ball from 5-9pm at Voyageur Brewing Company. We’ll have special Hygge Inspired Mulled Beer available whileContinue Reading

Grand Marais, MN Cook County

It’s Hygge time in Cook County and that means it’s time to relax by the fireside and spend some quality time knitting, visiting and sipping on a beer.Continue Reading