Craft Beer by Voyageur

Craft beer is exploding across the country. Why? People are seeing the value of things made locally, with the flavor and character of the area in which it’s made. We enjoy visiting breweries and tap rooms elsewhere and wanted this experience in Grand Marais, Minneosta.  Although we haven’t made ourContinue Reading

Craft Beer Brewing in Grand Marais, Minnesota There’s a buzz around Grand Marais, Minnesota and it isn’t the sound of mosquitoes. It’s the sound of people chatting about the wholesale nba jerseys new brewery coming to the town. Almost as soon as a Mike and Paul wholesale mlb jerseys hadContinue Reading

Last week there was lots of activity at the future home of Voyageur Brewing Company in Grand Marais, Minnesota. Earth movers began digging so footings can be poured for the walls of what will become the Tap Room.  Mike even joined in the fun by hopping on the excavator toContinue Reading