fall colors at voyageur brewing

Changing seasons at Voyageur Brewing Company

The fall colors are brilliant this year but not as brilliant as the beer made by our incredible brewers. Our Devil’s Kettle IPA made the Top 10 List for Minnesota IPA’s and we couldn’t be prouder. The wait is almost over for our Oktoberfest beer as we’re releasing it next Thursday, October 1st.

Our Lead Brewer Evan supplied this description of our Oktoberfest. It pours a orange-red color with a slight off white head and nice clarity.  Moderate toasted malt aroma with extremely light noble hop aroma and minimal fruity esters.  It has all the malt elegance you would hope for without being too sweet, medium-light bodied, with a bit more toast from the Vienna malts on the tongue.  Slanted toward the malty side of things but with enough noble hop bitterness to leave us with a dry finish that is neither cloying or bitter. Brewed entirely with ingredients sourced from Germany (except for the water) and slightly high ABV for the style. ABV 6.5 IBU 20

We’re also releasing another tasty beer called Azimuth!

This is an IPA you can set your compass by.  One might even say it is a great example of the directions that modern IPAs have moved towards.  Okay but enough of the Compass jokes. The closer we get to kegging day the haze in this beer surprisingly hangs on…hazy? maybe? juicy?definitely! IPA? no question!It’s pretty light bodied for the style but less bitter than the Hygge which makes up for it. Lemon, Passionfruit, Orange and ripe mango all the way through. Drinks very easily due to the light body, minimal bitterness and juicy hop character. It will steer you right where you need to be! ABV 6.3

Beginning September 28th our hours will be extended again. Sunday through Wednesday we’ll be open 11:30am-9pm and Thursday through Saturday we’ll be open 11:30am-10pm. Seating is still by walk-in reservation and folks can expect to wait for a table for 10-20 minutes on average. As one of the only places in town open 7 days a week with a place to sit down inside and be served we have been keeping busy. We appreciate your patience, kindness and understanding.