February Fun at Voyageur Brewing Company

Abundant snow, plentiful sunshine, a plethora of trails to enjoy and Voyageur Brewing Company make Grand Marais the perfect winter destination. Cross-country ski trails, dog sled races and rides, lakes to ice fish on, snowmobile trails and quiet woods to lay down your own snowshoe tracks are just a few of the things you can do in our amazing neighborhood. Whatever adventure you choose, we’ve got the beer to go along with it. New this month is our Rock Skipper Bamberg-style Maerzen Rauchbier.

Bauerei Schlenkerla, a brewery in Bamberg, Germany has been brewing a Rauchbier since 1387. Rauchbier is a German word that translates directly into Smoked Beer in English. They make their malt over an open fire of beechwood and use it to create a smoked lager. They say you haven’t really visited Bamberg if you didn’t try the Original Schlenkerla Smokebeer. Their tradition of brewing in Bamberg is similar to what we believe is a Grand Marais tradition. To have really visited Grand Marais one must enjoy two essential activities. Take time to skip rocks on Lake Superior and enjoy a pint of beer at Voyageur Brewing Company.

Rock Skipper Bamberg-style Maerzen Rauchbier

6% ABV 24 IBUs Hops: Spalt Select Flavor Components: bready, malty, smoke